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So You Heard It Costs Alot of Money to Run?

In the past, some models have used excessive electricity....the reason .....poorly installed heat pumps or unsuitable ground conditions. These reasons would have made the heat pump very inefficient thus switching on supplementary heating unknown to the user. This being the equivalent to heating your house/premises with an immersion!

Enviritech Ltd has specifically designed it's geothermal open loop heat pump to address this problem by the fact that we use water as our medium. This water has been in the ground thousands of years and matches the ground temperature. No matter how little or much is extracted this water will continue to maintain this constant temperature all year round.

As water typically enters our heat pump at 10 degrees above the brine solution (used in other heat pump products) the heat pump is in excess to 100% more efficient than a closed loop system.

Due to the ground water temperature being constant all year round, Enviritech's heat pump has a constantly high efficiency. This then negates the need for the offending supplementary heating.

To further curb your electricity bill Enviritech will assist you in configuring  our system to optimize the benefit of night rate electricity.(commissioning)

In typical existing homes with radiators, a study based on the SEI Fuel Comparison Jan 2008 indicates that the running costs of our heat pump will be approx. half of the cost of oil. In a house with under floor heating it would be less than 22% the cost of oil.

Since January 08 oil prices have increased dramatically making our heat pump an even more attractive prospect.Please click here to see our running cost comparison.


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