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Enviritech Water to Water (Well) Heat Pump
Heat Pump Diagram
An Explanation

1.   Enviritech's Water-toWater (Well) Heat Pump uses water from a well as its heat source. A submersible well pump is placed in the well and pumps the water required into the heat pump.

2.   The water enters the heat pump and into the first heat exchanger where it gives up its energy to the refrigerant gas.

3.   This water is then expelled from the heat pump and into recharge well, river or drain used to take this water.The water leaving the heat pump is cleaner as it has been strained, nothing has been added or disolved in this water, the internal components of the heat pump are non corrosive therefore there is no risk of pollution or contamination from this system.

4.   Within the heat pump are two heat exchangers. A non-ozone depleating refridgerant (R417a) is cycled throughout both these heat exchangers in a closed circut so as not to mix with the water from your well or the heating water within your radiators or under floor heating. The refridgerant goes through the first heat exchanger and as its temperature is colder than that of the water (10 degrees C) it picks up some of the heat from the water thus beginning the process of heating this fluid.

5.    The refridgerant is then compressed which heats it to a higher temperature (Boyles Law I think!). It then enters the second heat exchanger.

6.    The water from your heating system (rads or under floor heating) cycles through the second heat exchanger, comes into close contact with the refridgerant and is heated. It then leaves the second heat exchanger and heat pump and enters your radiators or under floor heating to heat your home.


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