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Heat Pumps  
  • Heat your home for Less

Just because it's below zero outside, does not mean that there is no energy available. It is possible to heat your home quite comfortably with this temperature and even more viable to heat with the underground temperature of approximately 10 degrees Celsius. Up to 80% can be saved off the price of your heating bills.

  • Very reliable

A Heat pump operates similar to a fridge, as everyone knows fridges are very reliable, require little or no maintenance and have a life of over 20 years. Heat pumps are the same, They operate to cool the outside environment, heat source or earth, the heat removed and the energy used in the process is transferred into the building as heat. Heat pumps work best with a high level of insulation and a low temperature heating system. However it will also operate with radiators which have been oversized by at least 30%. Although Heat pumps use electricity one of the most expensive fuels, they can be up to 600% efficient and configured to operate on night rate electricity providing heating for as low as 1.6 cent per KWH compared to 4 cent for natural gas and 7 cent for oil.

  • Quality Components

Our heat pumps are designed in-house especially for Ireland; they employ the best equipment by Copeland and Emerson, they have CE and ISO certification, they hold a two year warranty and are government grant approved. They are also the most economical & environmentally friendly product as they operate on a 20 amp supply & employ the non ozone depleting refrigerant R417a

  • Lower running costs

We have determined that the running cost of our heat pumps can be as low as 17 cent per hour this includes the power consumed by all pumps.


             Geothermal water to water (well) heat pump diagram               This page is quite technical and may require a stimulant!

                                                                                  WARNING COFFEE NEEDED



       How Our Heat Pump Works                             Heat Pumps explained.

Water To Water (Well) Heat Pumps

Enviritech water to water (well) geothermal heat pump, over 500% efficiencyWater to Water (Well) Heat Pumps are specifically designed & licensed by Enviritech for the northern European market.

They are very efficient producing up to six times the amount of energy used which will mean that their unsubsidized payback period being as low as 2 years depending on the application.

Furthermore they are manufactured from superior components supplied by Copeland & Emerson.

They also utilise very high efficiency stainless steel heat exchangers which greatly improves their performance when compared to their competitors.

Our heat pump uses water as its energy source and will therefore require a well or other water source. Please see our recommended list of well drillers.

Our heat pump is so versatile that its application can be as diverse as a small home/cottage to a hospital facility, hotel or leisure complex. It has dozens of commercial applications also. Depending upon the application the system can be scaled to suit using multiple units to compliment the requirement perfectly.

Power In
Power Out
(En 14511)
LSQ03RW 1.82 10.09 Yes 5.87 220/1/50
LSQ04RW 2.39 12.91 Yes 5.71 220/1/50
LSQ05RW 3.02 17.1 Yes 5.99 400/3/50
LSQ10RW 6.04 34.2 Yes 5.99 400/3/50

*COP as tested at TNO test lab in Holland and labeled in accordance with EN 14511. Testing accounts for all pump and ancillary power. EN 255 test results were also obtained which resulted in 7% increase in COP. Multiple units can be installed to achieve the demand or specials (35% deposit apply) can be produced on a eight to ten week delivery. Units are available in powder coated galvanized steel models.


Air To Water Heat Pumps  

These units utilize the heat in the outside air and can operate in temperatures below 15°C. Their efficiency is lower than that of the Water to water as more power is consumed moving the air and raising the temperature through a greater temperature difference. Also a factor which is not considered in the efficiency calculation is the energy required for defrost. In Ireland we have a damp, humid climate. Therefore the air contains a lot of moisture giving rise to a lot of ice forming on the evaporator. Unbelieveably, this is not a problem in much colder countries where the air temperature is sub-zero as no moisture is contained in the air. Even though their ambient temperature is lower their heat pumps often operate more efficiently.

Another aspect is that as the ambient temperature falls so too does the performance of the unit. Therefore when you most need heat the unit produces less. For this reason the industry considers this type of heating as by-valent (requires back-up/assist). Many units incorporate immersions as this back-up, this in return reduces efficiency.
Air to water units are rated to operate at 2°C and 35°C at this temperature an efficiency of up to 350% can be expected. The benefit is that no earth works or well boring is required for the Air to water units, resulting in reduced capital expenditure. An Air to water heat pump can be used for central heating, domestic hot water or a combination of both.

Enviritech Having identified these factors are constantaly Improving their product to overcome these problems. Our Air to water heat pump currently has an efficiency of 394% at 2/35 and 438% at 7/35.  We have also greatly reduced the defrost requirement and are looking at other methods that don't rob heat from the house.


Contact us fo more information on our range of air to water heat pumps.

Enviritech are currently embarking on the development of a new Air to Water heat pump in conjunction with The University of Ulster. It is our aim to develop an Air to water heat pump with the highest COP (EN 14511) with little or no defrost requirement. To keep up to date with our developments click here.

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