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Why do you think drilling a well is hassle?

You may currently be on public water suppy and think that to have to drill a well is out of the question;

You think that it involves digging a whole area of your property up?, there will be alot of disruption?, reinstatement will be costly?, costs of drilling a well?.....

In fact the bore hole is only 6 inches in diameter, it can be concealed under a manhole cover and most wells are drilled within a couple of hours!

Regarding costs of drilling a well.......

A well should be considered a useful resource, not only is it going to provide 4/5th's of the energy you will require  to heat your home, it is an independent, private water supply which cannot be metered, charged for or regulated. In addition should something happen to your current water supply it can act as a back-up. Something that the people of Galway would have been glad of in recent times...


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